brian c. record

Salt Lake City, Utah -- 1968

Jimi Hendrix picking peace on his guitar at the "Jimi Hendrix Experience" rock concert in the "Patio Gardens" pavilion at Lagoon Amusement Park, Utah, August 23, 1968.

The impact of graphic images in the human learning process can be just as informative and often more effective than text offers.  One of the most stimulating, insightful, and effective collections of photographic images can be found in the work of Brian C. Record.

Brian was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he enjoyed framing subjects in the viewfinder of his Brownie camera as a young teenager.  His artistic life changed dramatically after he took a basic photography class at the University of Utah in 1966 - he now saw everything differently.  Although he had experimented with various artistic media, he now realized that photography best allowed him to express personal visualizations and emotions. 

In 1968, he became the head photographer of the "The Daily Utah Chronicle" newspaper and continued to study journalism and photography so that his camera would become a natural extension of his creative mind.  His passion for photography blossomed to generate photographic-art displays in fine-art galleries, on the internet, and in eight books of his camera images, including his autobiography.

Brian C. Record currently has four photo-books available in print:

Compositions in Black & White
Compositions in Color
Utah Circa 1968
Famous Musicians Who Rocked 1960's Utah

Photographs and descriptive text courtesy Brian C. Record. Used with permission.

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