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Hi Charley,

I continue to enjoy your beautifully executed "Salt Lake Concert Posters" website as an important source of poster and photographic art and the talented artists who created them.

I have recently published my last photo-art book of original photographs on the1960's and '70's era and decided to make every page available to the public on the internet. This includes "Famous Musicians Who Rocked 1060's Utah", which I captured at concerts of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, and many others who performed at Lagoon, the Terrace Ballroon, etc. I want to share these images with you and others who might wish to reconnect to those exciting times of Utah history and art as well as younger generations who might like to get an idea of those past decades.

A double-click on the highlighted links below will take you there:

Utah Circa 1968

Famous Musicians Who Rocked 1960's Utah -

Compositions in Black & White -

Compositions in Color -

The Best Always,

Brian C. Record

05/20/2013 A Photographer's book

Hi Charley,

I'm not sure if you got my email sent on May 4th, so here's another one.

I have published a new book of 288 photographs that I captured while living in Utah during the 1960's and '70's which witnessed significant social, political, economic, and cultural clashes, as you know. Some of the images are of the same events, venues, and bands in your Salt Lake Concerts Posters website.

This premium hard-back book is titled, Utah Circa 1968, and includes text captions of the images. I thought you might like to view it page by page so I have made it available on the internet at -

A button on the bottom-right enlarges the pages to full screen (easier to read the text).

This web site also provides details of ordering the printed book itself should you wish to do so for yourself or to resale to your customers. Modern "print-on-demand" (POD) technology makes high quality books like this possible but at a higher cost level than the older "one-mass-printing-run" production method. I can at least get copies of it to you at my cost ($75) for your possible resale. Instead, if you would enjoy having a DVD of this book to play on your computer, (better images than on the internet), just let me know and I will send you one at no charge - just tell me where to send it.

Do you know Steve Jones's website or address? I want to send a copy of the book to him.

I think you will be intrigued and have fun viewing this era of Utah history, so I'm happy to share it with you.

Take Care,

Brian C. Record

06/09/2012 Terrace Ballroom Poster from 1968

This poster image and message were sent to us by reader, Joe Armstrong.  Thanks Joe!

Hi Charley,

Hope all is well.  I recently acquired this SLC Terrace Ballroom poster which I have never seen before.  Somewhat primitive to say the least, but I remember going to this concert so it is somewhat special.  It is done on foil paper; feel free to publish on your blog.



06/08/2012 An Author's Correction

We were happy to receive the following message from Robert Triptow, a reader of this site.  The message corrects the attribution of a cartoon image we posted on September 2, 2010. We originally included the cartoon ("Honey" Your Pipe) in the Neil Passey section of Salt Lake Concert Posters.  But, as you will read in the message below (posted here with the author's permission) the cartoon was drawn by Robert Triptow.

To Charley:

Hey there -- I just discovered your site featuring all those '60s and '70s poster artists, which is pretty delightful because I knew a lot of those folks.

In fact, I was just taking a closer look at the Neil Passey page because he was a very good friend of mine and a huge influence in terms of me getting involved in cartooning and illustration. (You can look me up on Wikipedia, if you're interested.) We worked together at the Salt Lake Tribune for a few years, starting in 1972. Great work of Neil's on your site.

But there is one error. Neil Passey didn't do the "Honey Your Pipe" cartoon that the Cosmic Aeroplane used to hand out with wooden pipes they sold. I drew it. I was working part-time at the Aeroplane during the 1976-77 Christmas season and was asked to do it by Rick Crickow, who was managing the head shop section of the store. My payment for the job was a hand-made ceramic bong that I still have. I have copies of the flyer but never got my original back from Crickow.

I didn't do all that much in Salt Lake and published much more extensively after moving to San Francisco in October 1977. Some of the few things I did in SLC that you may stumble upon were posters for the Human Ensemble Theatre and for Salt Lake Chess & Book (an antique store) and for the Sun Tavern (a poster that I never saw in final form and for which the artwork disappeared and for which I never got paid, naturally). The single most notorious cartoon I drew in my Utah days was a bumper sticker that said "JESUS SAVES -- at Zions Bank," but it never saw the light of day because someone at the printer we were using must have told someone at Zion Bank, and I got a cease-and-desist letter from them before it even got printed. Hah!

When I first moved to San Francisco, I was walking in the Haight and looked in a store window and saw a copy of that "Honey Your Pipe" flyer and was amazed. It truly made me feel like I'd arrived.

Robert Triptow

P.S. One other Utah artist who doesn't get enough credit is Mark Knudsen. He's mentioned in your blog as having collaborated with Passey and Tim Kelly on Utah: Gateway to Nevada. He was another brilliant cartoonist. He and Neil were both involved in Aardvark Comix, the one underground comic book to come out of Utah, and he later sold work to theNational Lampoon. If it hadn't been for Neil and Mark, I would never have become a published cartoonist.

Thank you, Robert.

As always, we welcome reader comments and messages.
Charley/Salt Lake Concert Posters

03/10/2012 Four tickets Deann Dayton

Upper Left:  Ticket stub from the Jefferson Airplane concert at the Salt Palace February 13, 1970.

Upper Right:  Ticket stub from the Led Zeppelin concert at the Salt Palace on March 26, 1970.

Lower Right:  Ticket stub from the Moody Blues Concert April 1, 1970 at the Terrace Ballroom.

Lower Right:  Ticket stub from The Head Company Presents  Pink Floyd (date and venue unidentified)

06/27/2011 Concert Images And Stories From Butch Mancla

Above:  Bonney Delaney and Friends ticket
A nice show, really the last of the good time gospel/southern rock
typified by these groups.

Left 1:  Derek and the Dominos Handbill
I was lucky to see this show. Clapton more than made up for the
abysmal performance The previous year With Blind Faith (August 22, 1969 the
Salt Palace). They opened the Show with Layla, which had not been released
yet. It blew the audience away! There was the pregnant silence after those
last piano chords of the song, it was unbelievable! It May have been the
only time the group played it as it was one of their last shows.

Left 2:  Ahh...Led Zep at the Terrace Ballroom! It was the best job of gate crashing
ever. We were late getting to the venue and the line was around the block.
As we were looking for someone we knew in line, an equipment truck pulled up
right in front of the front doors. They moved the equipment on golf carts.
When the last one was loaded we stepped in behind it and followed it up to
doors. They closed the doors in our faces, we were the first and second
people in the doors.
Opening for Vanilla Fudge this would be the greatest rock and roll show to
hit Salt Lake City and maybe the greatest show of all time! Mighty bold
talk but the people there are still talking about the show 40 years later.
We had not heard much about LZ, Rolling Stone give them a pretty poor review
and everyone was there to Vanilla Fudge. Led Zep Started off pretty slow
but after the third song they grabbed the audience and took off! The
audience brought them back for three sets of encores. They returned the
following March (Salt Palace) with a fantastic show but nothing compared to
the show at the Terrace.

Above:  The Moody Blues
One of many great shows at the Terrace Ballroom. Cold Blood opened the
show with a great set. Lydia was wearing a very sheer dress that
disappeared when the spotlight hit her. Wow! The visuals were great! By
the time The Moody Blues took the stage there was so much smoke I could
hardly see the stage; and I was only about 10 feet from the stage. It was
the first time I had heard the Mellotron and it sounded great. It broke
down once during the show but the boys got it fixed up in short order and
they picked it up right where they left off.

Left 3:  Love
Fever Tree opened the show or it could have been Blue Mountain Eagle, Hard
to remember. Blue Mountain Eagle was a mountain of guitars could have been
4 or 5 guys playing them. This was one of the few times Love actually
toured so I was glad to see them. They were supporting their album "False
Start" and songs from the album pretty much made up the set. It was a short
set maybe 40 min with "My Little Red Book" as an encore. We all left the
show a little wanting, it was good but you expect more from the headliners!

Left 4:  Traffic

Big Brother and the Holding Company were second on the Bill sans Janice.  They were credible but not spectacular. Traffic was out in support of "John Barleycorn Must Die". During the first song Steve Winwood's voice was not quite right, he reached up and tuned his voice with a little box on top of his keyboard. They played the Fillmore the next night and you can hear his voice change during the first song on a bootleg CD of the show. They played
a short set that was very good. I saw them a year later at the Anaheim Civic Center and they played for well over two and a half hours (joined the
last 45 min by Dave Mason to do Welcome to the Cantina). So I guess in retrospect they weren't giving us their all.

I think this was the first rock and roll show at the Salt Palace, some would
say the beginning of the end. There were about eight of us that went to the
show and we had a great time. The bands appeared in the order they appeared
on the Bill. We walked around to see how the sound was at the venue and
found some big holes.

Left 5:  Spirit Ticket stub
The terrace, Nov. 8, 1968. Spirit was one of the local favorites, they play several times before and
after this show. They even played some old church down on Main or State
Street before they hit it big. But for Spirit purist, this was the show! 

A perfect execution of their first album with a generous helping of new
material. During their next appearance in SLC at the Fairground they would
present newer , some would say more accessible material that would alienate
many of the fans. But this show was the ultimate Spirit concert.

06/01/2011 Posters from a follower- Genesis and Mothers of Invention

I would like to thank Joe Armstrong for sending in the two great images below from concerts past. ~Charley

Above:  Genesis poster from the concert at the Terrace Ballroom.

Left:  Mothers of  Invention & the Youngbloods poster from the concert at Lagoon.

04/12/2011 More Posters and Tickets from a Follower...

More items in Butch Moncla's collection...

Above 1. Doors at Lagoon ticket stub. 
Above 2. Jefferson Airplane ticket 1969, February 10 ticket

Left 1: My oldest poster it is a Jose Greco poster circa 1962.

Left 2 & 3: Freefall Handbill for Holden Caufield and Free Fall, two local bands.

Above: Tape Head company calendar

Left 4 & 5:Had half of stubs for some great shows, Traffic, Poco, Led Zeppelin, Santana and so more.

Above: Handbill for World War III, another local band that lasted about 3 years.

03/30/2011 Folk & Jazz Festival Poster

Does anyone know the year?  

This is a colorful graphic poster for "Get it Together - Folk & Jazz Festival" at Mt. Pleasant High School.

03/24/2011 Posters and Tickets from a Follower...

Butch Moncla sent in concert poster and ticket images to share on the blog.  If anyone has items they want to share, send them along.  We are happy to see them and add them here.
Thanks, Charley

Hello Charley:
You mentioned you were looking for more images so  I have attached some for your   use on the site.
Best regards, 
Butch Moncla

Left 1: KRSP, Eric Clapton, Dereck and the Dominos, Toe Fat, Fairgrounds Coliseum

Left 2: It's A Beautiful Day, The Youngbloods, Terrace Ballroom

Above: Vanilla Fudge, Led Zeppelin, Terrace Ballroom

Left 3: LOVE, Alice Cooper, Fever Tree, Terrace Ballroom, Tape Head Company

Above: Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, Billy Preston, John Hammond, Tape Head Company, Terrace Ballroom, Concert ticket

Above: Moody Blues, Cold Blood, Tape Head Company, Terrace Ballroom, Concert ticket

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